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Watch: Moviegoer attacked for occupying Lord Hanuman’s seat in Hyderabad theatre

In a fascinating tradition, all the theatres have designated a seat for Lord Hanuman, which is left empty as a mark of respect

HYDERABAD: An unusual incident occurred during the early morning screening of the highly anticipated film Adiprush at Hyderabad’s prestigious Brahmalabar Theatre. When a moviegoer unknowingly sat in the seat reserved for Lord Hanuman, he found himself in the midst of a heated situation. The incident took an unexpected turn, leading to the intervention of theater staff, and mixed emotions swirling in the audience.

As a charming tradition, all theaters reserve seats for Lord Hanuman, but they remain empty as a sign of respect.

However, despite the pleas of other viewers, during this performance a drunken figure inadvertently sits inside the Papal Palace. This act caused great distress and anxiety to those who had strong feelings towards Lord Hanuman and Lord Rama. The situation got worse, but theater staff quickly stepped in to ease the tension and find a solution. A video of the incident went viral on Twitter.

Adipurush stars as Prabhas and Kriti Sanon. The film, directed by Om Raut, hits theaters on June 16 and is expected to be a big hit. Inspired by the Hindu mythological epic Ramayan, the film stars Prabhas as Raghav, Kriti Sanon as Janaki and Saif Ali Khan as Ravan.



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