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Viveka Murder case: CBI court extends remand for accused

CBI court extended pretrial detention of YS Vivekananda Reddy murder defendant. The agency announced on 14 July that six defendants, Ella Gangireddy, Sunil Yadav, Umashankar Reddy, Devi Reddy Sivashankar Reddy, YS Bhaskar Reddy and Uday Kumar Reddy, An order extending the pre-trial detention of Mr. During the trial, the court extended the pretrial detention of six defendants. Meanwhile, the CBI has filed a supplemental indictment with the court in the Viveka murder case. Two charges have already been filed against him, but this is the latest indictment.

The CBI court today held a hearing in the Viveka murder case. During the court hearing, the police introduced the Viveka murder defendant who was in court custody. CBI officials added additional charges after a court ordered the murder investigation to be completed by the end of June. The charges were filed with the CBI Court in Nampally. Meanwhile, a CBI court extended pretrial detention until July 14. The defendant was transferred to Chanchal Guda Prison.

The CBI Court has postponed the next public hearing until July 14th. The deadline set by the Supreme Court for the CBI has expired today. Earlier, the Supreme Court said it would extend hearings if necessary. The CBI did not appeal the investigation deadline.



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