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Vishwak Sen targets Baby director Sai Rajesh? Another controversy

Young Telugu actor Vishwak Sen is currently working on a new film directed by Ravi Teja. The film recently completed its first schedule. But Vishwak Sen’s tweet caused a stir on social media. His previous offer “Ori Devuda” passed uncontroversially, but it didn’t work out. His tweets are now getting a lot of attention. He said “no” means “no”. This also applies to men. he tweeted. But no one understood what the tweet was about or who it was directed at.

However, some media outlets said the tweet was directed at Sai Rajesh, the director of “Baby,” starring “Anand Deberakonda.” The reason was that Sai Rajesh claimed at a press conference that he had humiliated the young actor by refusing to listen to the script. He did not reveal who the hero was. Netizens say Vishwak Sen indirectly responded to Sai Rajesh.

Vishwak Sen tweeted that ‘no means no’ applies to men as well, so keep your cool and don’t shout. We cherish the peaceful atmosphere here, so let’s relax,” said one netizen, “He is talking about a baby movie.” The stage manager is Meda Okka Mata Antadhu Danigrinche.

Vishwak Sen is best known for his roles in Falaknuma Das, Hit, Oli Devda and Das Ka Damki.



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