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Titanic submarine destroyed in catastrophic implosion, all 5 aboard dead

A deep-sea submarine carrying five people on a centuries-old voyage to the wreck of the Titanic was found partially in a “catastrophic implosion” that killed all of its crew, the U.S. Coast Guard said on Thursday, leaving five people on board. announced that a person had died. -Search for Japanese multinational ships.

The story of the missing submarine became tragic when we toured the sunken Titanic in the Atlantic Ocean. All five people, including the pilot of this titanium submarine, died. And this was announced by the US Coast Guard.

The Titanic submarine lost contact with the outside world on the 18th of this month. Earlier this week, Coast Guard officials said they heard a large explosion in the Atlantic Ocean. Under these circumstances, large-scale relief measures have been strengthened. But 400 feet from the Titanic’s front, the wreck was discovered Thursday by a remote-controlled vehicle. As a result, everyone inside was confirmed dead. This information was passed on to the families of the deceased.

The name of this submarine is Titan. It was designed by a company called Oceangate Expeditions. This 6.7 meter long submarine is made of carbon fiber and titanium. This dive boat allows her to dive to depths of 4000 meters. It is equipped with technology to continuously monitor the health of the crew and the submarine, and immediately communicate information to the pilot in the event of a problem. This will allow the pilot to reach the submarine in time. However, no one seems to have received such a message at the time of the accident.



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