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Third Time: Pawan Kalyan heads for divorce?

Power star Pawan Kalyan divorced third wife? Has his wife Anna Lezhinova left for Russia? This news is now spreading rapidly.

There are rumors that Yana Sena’s boss, Pawan Kalyan, has separated from his third wife, Anna Rezhinova.

News of the divorce between Jana Sena’s boss and actor power star Pawan Kalyan is now circulating online. Pawan Kalyan is said to have separated from his third wife Anna Reznova. A couple named Pawan and Anna have been married for ten years.

There are reports that Pawan Kalyan and Anna are believed to be socially, if not legally, separated. Rumors of a breakup were further fueled by Anna Lezhinova’s absence from her recent family function.

Pawan Kalyan is now involved in film and politics. He also performs Varahi Yatra in Andhra Pradesh. Recently, Pawan attended the engagement of Varun and Lavanya Tripathi alone.

Anna Lezhinova is a Russian model and actress. Pawan fell in love with her and married her on September 30, 2013. Reznova already had a daughter, but she gave birth to another son, Pawan Kalyan, in 2017.

It is also known that Pawan Kalyan has already married and divorced Nandini and Renu Desai. Pawan first got married in 1997. The couple separated after a few years. They divorced in 2008. However, Pawan, who has been dating Renu Desai since 2001, gave birth in 2004 without marrying. The two officially married in 2009, but separated two years later in 2011.



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