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They want to kill Karate Kalyani

Film actress Karate Kalyani, once acclaimed for her diverse roles in Tollywood, has recently been embroiled in a lot of controversy. Her comments about the statue of the late NTR, which she wanted to install in Kangmam, ultimately led to a situation that threatened her career. The Motion Picture Artists Association (MAA) has terminated its membership. Kalyani, on the other hand, recently made a sensational comment.

Kalyani Kalyani said her own life was in danger and some of them tried to kill her. She said someone had recently slashed two of her car’s tires, driving unconsciously while driving on the road, causing the car’s tires to burst. She said things would have been different if the incident had happened on a highway. She said someone cut her car tire a little. She added that when there was a recent fight at the temple, she drove to the temple in his car with Hinduva activists and when they returned, the tire on her car exploded.

Karate Kalyani said a mechanic who saw the car’s tire said someone cut the car’s tire a little early.

She concluded by stating that removing herself from the MAA would not do much harm. She revealed that she was an outstanding leader in the Hindutva and Yadava communities.



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