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Telugu actress Ranjitha is Prime Minister of Nithyananda country Kailasa

It is known that the controversial spiritual guru Nityananda Swami fled the country and founded his own nation. He named it Kailasa. He established an independent monetary and administrative department in this country. Now Nityananda is in the news again. He announced that he would appoint his beloved student, the film actress Ranjitha, as Prime Minister of Kailasa.

Rangita is known for having acted in many Telugu, Tamil and Kannada films. She joined Nityananda at the peak of her career. Much has been written about the physical relationship between Nityananda and Ranjita.

Ranjita was appointed Prime Minister of the nation of Kailasa. Nityananda has already declared himself president of this country. Rangita was recently appointed prime minister. Meanwhile, it was revealed that Kailasa had a special currency, which the Reserve Bank also confirmed. He said he has made a deal so far. Nityananda Swami is with Ranjitha. A video of Ranjita personally serving Swamiji is also available. However, this was denied by Rangita. She claims to be a personal assistant and student.

Nityananda Swamy was arrested following a complaint that she had sexually assaulted a woman in her own ashram. The court sent him to prison. He was released on bail and stayed in India for several years. To prove that he was not actually attacked, he declared himself helpless. He was then ordered to take a skill test and secretly fled the country.



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