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Siddharth sings a song at Sharwanand wedding

In the past, there have been many films in various languages ​​on the theme of the Ramayana. This is the first time it has been produced with such a large budget and cutting-edge technology. Due to Prabhas’ craze, his fans around the world are waiting for this film. The movie, which is scheduled to be released in theaters on the 16th of this month, had a preview event in Tirupati with Chinajeer Swamy as the main guest.

At this time, Shinajyar Swamy took the microphone and said, “This is the first time that people like us are participating in such a program with great people who have made history in the field of cinema.” rice field. The reason is to prove to the world that the real Baahubali is Sri Rama. Rama is in every human being, in every heart. To bring out this Rama, Shrieman Prabhas has to bring out the Rama within himself. he brought it up.

“It was Sri Ram who showed humanity the way to survive.” He was the tallest man who ever walked this earth. Rama became human to guide people on the path of righteousness. It is said that this film was made with the desire to bring the Ramayana’s main stories “Aranyakanda” and “Yuddakanda” to the world as stories. There is no greater glory in this world.



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