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Rashmika Mandanna clarity on Manager Rs 80 Lakh Fraud, This is the real truth

The film industry is in an uproar after Rashmika Mandana’s manager scammed her out of Rs80,000. There is no official information from the actress. No complaints were even registered. Now a girl from Pushpa has released her statement on the matter.

Pushpa girl Rashmika Mandanna and her manager made a decision with each other. The two parted amicably. While there has been a lot of negative news about the breakup, what is known is that there is no animosity between Rashmika and her manager. Cast members say the news that Rashmika’s manager cheated on her is not true. Finally, it was officially revealed that the Pushpa actress has no disputes with her manager. Ms. Rashmika also answered the same topic. She said there was no truth to the rumors that had been circulating for several days.

A man has been the manager of Rashmika Mandanna for several years. He managed film deals, compensation, advertising, business, capital expenditures and other expenses. The manager recently quit his job. However, the news was published differently on social media and other media outlets. Rashmika’s manager defrauded her of 8 million yen. I heard that Mr. Rashmika fired him. But now Rashmika Mandana himself denies all news. The manager resigned by mutual consent.



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