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Ram Charan’s fans assault man for disrespecting his wife Upasna

While no rational human being can justify acts of violence, no matter how much they are provoked, a man claiming he had gone on a “long drive” with Telugu superstar Ram Charan’s wife Upasana Konidela, among other things, was roughed up by the superstar’s fans.
So far Ram Charan has not condemned the violence. But a colleague of his informs, “The guy deserved to be bashed up in public. Forget Ram Charan’s wife, why would anyone speak like that about anyone’s wife? We normally ignore such filth. But we shouldn’t. Men who comment on women’s body parts and make up perverted fantasies about actresses and even star-wives need to be taught a lesson.”
Strict action must be taken against these fantasy-weavers who constantly target celebrities with their sick dreams.
There is a Pakistani citizen who writes the most obscene things about Bollywood stars on his Twitter handle. Recently Celina Jaitly was targeted with his vile comments. She has decided to take him on headlong.
Other Bollywood celebrities have perpetually ignored this repeated Gulf-based offender who claims to have slept with many Bollywood heroines. He constantly targets Bollywood bigwigs with his baseless, dirty comments.
When one asked a high-profile filmmaker why this Twitter menace is allowed to get away with his muck he said, “He is obviously a very sick man who wants constant attention. He thinks by talking shit about us he will be noticed. We don’t want to give him any attention. By the way, there are many like him who try to keep themselves relevant by abusing the Hindi film industry. You know about this one and writing about him. And that’s what he wanted.”



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