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Ram Charan shifts back to Chiranjeevi’s house in Jubilee Hills

Their return to Chiranjeevi’s house will undoubtedly create a welcoming and supportive environment for their growing family

HYDERABAD: Popular celebrity couple Ram Charan and Upasana are looking forward to a fun parenting journey. Upasana revealed in a recent interview with TOI that she plans to return to Chiranjeevi’s home, which marks an important step in her new chapter.

Upasana revealed: “We live alone now, but will soon be returning to Charan’s family home. We grew up in an environment where our grandparents were very involved in our education.

For the inexperienced, the Tollywood power couple lives in another luxury home in Jubilee Hills – a high-rise apartment.

The Konidella family had been eagerly awaiting this wonderful news from Ram Charan and Upasana, but the decision to return to Chiranjeevi’s home added to the excitement. A couple’s move takes home celebrations and celebrations to new heights.

As Ram Charan and Upasana prepare for this beautiful parenting journey, their decision to surround their children with the love and care of a large family creates values ​​they hold deep and a nurturing environment. It reflects the efforts of Her return to Chiranjeevi’s home will no doubt create a welcoming and supportive environment for her growing family.

Fans and congratulators await the arrival of a new member of the Conidela family and look forward to the precious moments and joyful opportunities ahead.



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