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Rajamouli about Kalki 2898 AD Glimpse: Only one question remains

After Prabhas’ disappointing first appearance, fans have their doubts about a glimpse of Project K. A glimpse of Prabhas’ latest work, 2898 AD, was shown at his San Diego Comic-Con. It was released in the United States at midnight on July 20, India time. Insights that lasted over a minute lived up to expectations. The production power, technology, and high visual quality are reminiscent of Hollywood movies. Movie celebrities and fans who saw the teaser praised director Nag Ashwin. Rajamouli gave an answer about Kalki in 2898 AD He

Meanwhile, Rajamouli responded somewhat late to his view on Kalki in 2898 AD and gave an answer on Twitter. Rajamouli said it’s very difficult to make a futuristic film with high aspirations. you made the impossible possible. Darling Prabhas is great. However, one question remains. I commented on when the release date is. Rajamouli praised Kalki’s team in a tweet, ending by pointing out that the release date is unknown.

It is known that Project K 2024 was announced long ago as a gift to Sankrant. And Mr. Rajamouli’s special mention of the release date seems to have some sort of purpose. Does it imply the impression that Kalki’s release is still far away? Or is it an indirect satire that teasers aren’t very good? Or did he say he was looking forward to the movie?



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