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Pawan Kalyan Injustice To Director Harish Shankar

Usually, when the director gives the hero a big movie, the director and the hero build a good relationship. They will continue to team up on more films and try to make more films together. Perhaps the best example of this is Allu Arjun and he Trivikram who have worked together many times. In fact, they were filming a movie together again shortly after Pushpa 2.

It was director Harish Shankar who, along with Gabbar Singh, gave Pawan Kalyan a blockbuster at a time when Pawan Kalyan was struggling with repeated failures. From that point on, Harish Shankar made several attempts to make a film with Pawan Kalyan, but the actor kept putting off.

As for ‘Ushtad Bhagat Singh’ too, Pawan Kalyan decided to make this film a long time ago and Harish spent years writing and scripting it. But now, for some reason, Pawan Kalyan doesn’t seem interested in the project.

The first cut of the film has also been released and a huge set has been built. But now, Pawan Kalyan wants to put the project on hold entirely. This is undoubtedly heartbreaking news for director Harish Shankar, who has been working on the script for years. Moreover, Harish Shankar is also one of Pawan Kalyan’s big fans, so the disappointment will be tenfold.



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