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Pawan Kalyan: I did not lose in Bhimavaram, here is the proof

Jana Sena party leader Pawan Kalyan said there was no victory or defeat for the Jana Sena party. Speaking at the Ambedkar Center in Bhimavaram on Friday, he said Jana Sena would fight for change. He said he would move forward in a democratic way. He said he never lost at Bhimavaram. The public outcry at today’s Yana Sena rally is proof of that.

Pawan Kalyan said: Looking ahead to the current state government, the green trees are also quietly fighting. Cut down the green trees when the Prime Minister comes. No one cares if a Dalit driver is killed by the MLC in the East Godavari district. A 10th grader was doused with gasoline and set on fire. It is incorrect that YCP thinks the system is broken. In fact, this is not a certain Yana Sena problem. It’s everyone’s problem. That’s why we fight. A great number of people are coming to Bhimavaram, which is evidence of their resistance to the government. We are fighting 151 MLA parties. We opposed exploitation. Our goal is to make a difference.

Pawan Kalyan added: Under the YCP regime, all segments of the population were deceived. He asked, “What has the YCP government done for the youth?” Many went abroad from Bhimavaram and were excellent.



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