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Pawan Kalyan can’t play powerful roles like Prabhas

Yesterday was Bro.’s pre-release event. Fans who had been waiting for Pawan Kalyan’s arrival were overjoyed to see the power star. Pawan’s comments about the event have also gone viral. At the time, Pawan Kalyan said he could not dance like Ram Charan and Junior NTR.

Pawan Kalyan made an interesting comment at the Bro prerelease event. Pawan jokingly said that his film career stemmed from Chiranjeevi’s wife Sureha’s betrayal. He never wanted to be a hero, he said, but he wanted to spend his time farming. But he revealed that his wife trusted him and encouraged him in his film career.

Pawan jokingly commented that I was brought before you today because of her betrayal. It is noteworthy that on this occasion Pawan honestly admitted that he could not dance like Charan or Tarak.

Jana Sena’s boss said, “I can’t dance like NTR or Ram Charan.” I can’t spend years on a movie like Prabhas and Rana. But my love for cinema and the film industry is second to none,” said

Pawan Kalyan, who completed filming the role of Bro in just 21 days, due to director Samthilakhani’s dedication. He said it was thanks to him.



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