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KA Paul: My friend should replace Modi as PM

Prajashanthi party leader KA Paul again made an interesting comment. He recently said Prime Minister Narendra Modi should resign. If my friend Amit Shah becomes Prime Minister instead of Modi, this country will be beautiful and prosperous. KA Pole criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a terrible failure.

and described Chandrababu Naidu’s Delhi tour as a great drama. Mr. Paul said Mr. Chandrababu had asked for a meeting at least 50 times over the past five years, but his friend Amit Shah did not give him a meeting. And why did he take the reservation now? he asked. KA Pole called for vigilance against Chandrababu and called for the victory of the Praja Shanti Party to avoid such a threat.

KA Paul recalled that in 2018 Chandrababu violently insulted Naidu Modi and called Amit Shah a frustration. Mr Ka Pole accused Mr Bab of abusing Mr Modi and said he was a great prime minister.

Meanwhile, Paul recently publicly expressed his distress after a train accident in Orissa, Georgia. He expressed his grief over his enormous loss of life. KA Paul transferred responsibility for his tragedy to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He argued that the prime minister should take responsibility for the disaster and resign, given his extensive powers over various departments.



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