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Dil Raju elected as President of the Telugu Film Chamber TFCC

Popular producer Dil Raju has been elected as the new chairman of the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce, TFCC. Election results were announced after the votes were counted.

Yesterday’s poll showed Dil Raju beating rival executive producer C. Kalyan. Dil Raju won with 31 votes. Dil Raju’s Board of Directors holds a key position in TF CC.

Mutiara Ramaraj was elected Vice President of the Film Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Damodara Prasad succeeded him as chief minister. Prasanna Kumar was elected to the TFCC Finance Committee.

Total votes are 48. Magic count is 25 but Dil Raju he got 31 votes. Dil Raju reacts to his victory. He said he thanked all the producers who helped me win. Thank you to all the producers for giving our panel a majority of the board, and to the studio owners, exhibitors and distributors for electing me as chairman. I have a lot of work to do and a mission in front of me. We need the support of all members.

The list of awardees also included Padmini, Slavanti Ravikishore, Yaramanchari Ravishankar, YV Chowdhury, Ashok Kumar and Mohan Vadrapatra, who also won their respective posts.

In round 14, popular producer Dil Raju’s panel got his 563 votes and C Kalyan’s panel got his 497 votes.



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