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ChiruLeaks: Pawan Kalyan in Bholaa Shankar

At 60, megastar Chiranjeevi still excels in all categories of acting, dancing, fighting and speaking. Since his return, she’s been working even harder on the project than before.

Her megastar Chiranjeevi is known for occasionally leaking her acclaimed upcoming movie ‘Bora Shankar’. She previously reported that the creators have completed filming for the film directed by Meher Ramesh. Megastar Chiranjeevi recently leaked a Mega Power video.

Chiranjeevi shared a video on Twitter impersonating the power star brother Pawan Kalyan in Bora Shankar. Pawan Kalyan has delighted his fans by stating that we’re only seeing a small portion of it in this leak and that we’ll see more in the film.

Chiranjeevi said, “Recently, Pawan Kalyan has imitated my dance and singing lines in my films, and now he intends to imitate Pawan Kalyan’s manners in Bhola Shankar. ‘ said. It will be released in theaters worldwide on August 11th under the AK Entertainment banner. Tamana Bhatia stars alongside Chiranjeevi as the female protagonist.

National Award-winning actress Kiethi Suresh discusses her role as Chiranjeevi’s sister in the film, which was scored by Mahati Swarasagar. Bhola Shankar is a remake of Ajith Kumar starring Vedaram.



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