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Chiranjeevi comments on Baby

Megastar Chiranjeevi attended the baby movie success gala. The film team was congratulated on this occasion. Chiranjeevi, who attended the baby movie’s success celebration, made an interesting comment. Sai Rajesh, the director of the movie Baby, said he showed his directorial talents with Baby.

Chiranjeevi praised Anand Devarakonda. Megastar mentioned several scenes from the movie Baby. He said Anand is a great actor. Chiru specifically mentioned the climax scene. It is stated that the film is not just a love story and that the characters in this film are all good people. The film was shot without a villain due to mental conflict.

Chiru praised the heroine Vaishnavi. He named his co-star Jayasudha and said Vaishnavi was talented enough to act like another Jayasudha. She has a good future in the film industry. Megastar praised Viraj Ashwin, who also starred in the movie Baby. He said that when he saw Viraj’s role in ‘Mudat’, he thought he was a villain, but he was surprised to see the emotional conflict he faced over the girl.

“Everyone played well in this movie.” Sai Rajesh’s directorial talent is amazing. I saw this movie and felt that it was a movie to study. Many teenagers today rely on social media and mobile phones. Get addicted to technology. Careful parents should also watch this movie and apply it to the current situation. They should pay special attention to children. Children commit suicide because of such incidents. “Parents should screen and educate their children,” Chiranjeevi said.



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