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China upset with this Indian film – Bharateeyans

Bharatiyan’s film is a striking display of China’s nefarious strategy. The film revolves around his three boys and his three girls who are selected and sent to suburban India to receive an education. Two Indian girls are dispatched as top secret agents and captured by the Chinese. The film sheds light on the background of the Galwan Valley conflict.

China is now in trouble with Indian films. A Chinese website adopted the film’s name, ‘Bharateeyans’, and poisoned India. Chinese websites claimed such films could cause rifts in India-China relations. It starred Rajeswari Chakraborty, Samaira Sandhu, Nirose Pucha, Subha Ranjan, Peden O Namgyal and Sonam Balpoompa.

“Bharatiyans” directed by Dina Raj and funded by Dr. Shankar Naidu was released in theaters on Friday. Some Indian media and politicians highly praised the film. Many called the film a must-see patriotic film. A Chinese website claims that Bharatas, who are speculating about the border dispute between India and China, are trying to take advantage of rising anti-Chinese sentiment.

The editorial claimed that some Indian media labeled the film as patriotic. However, it is by no means a patriotic film, but a narrow-minded nationalist film that promotes hatred.

The editorial also noted that some politicians in India have been fanning narrow nationalist sentiments against China, exemplified by the acclaimed movie Bharatiyans (meaning Indians), which has rallied against China. He argued that it could use Western aid to do so. The editorial also claimed that China held no ill will or animosity towards the nation of India.



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