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Chandrayaan-3 debris fell on an Australian beach?

The Australian Space Agency is investigating an object found on the coast near Jurien Bay in Western Australia and suspects it may be part of India’s Chandrayaan 3 mission. The mysterious object was discovered Sunday afternoon near the Midwest coast town of Greenhead by several locals who spotted the object floating in the water and pulled it out.

Sightings of an elusive object off the coast of Australia are causing ripples. It was spotted off the coast of the town of Greenhead, Western Australia. Locals have no idea what the copper drum-shaped object is made of, and they have a lot of arguments. There is now debate that it may be debris from a rocket. Local authorities have warned residents to stay away from the site.

What is this object? Where did it come from? The Australian Space Agency is also on site to study the object in more detail. It is presumed to be launched from space. It has become known on social media that the Australian space agency is in talks with a number of countries in this regard. Meanwhile, space experts said the object was related to India’s PSLV rocket.



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