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Ashwin Babu next titled Vachinavadu Goutham

Ashwin Bab has started preparing for his next project. The talented actor is back with another new project announcement. In his previous film, Hidimba, directed by Anil Kaneganti, he wowed everyone with his spectacular action-packed performance. This morning, Ashwin Babu officially announced the launch of his next project, Vachinavadu Goutham. The upcoming drama ‘Vachinavadu Goutham’ will be directed by Mamidala MR Krishna. The creators have also released a first look poster for the film, which is quite interesting.

A first look poster for Vachinavadu Gowtham shows Ashwin Bab with a stethoscope and bloody fists. Advertised as a medical thriller, this upcoming drama is produced by Arli Suresh of Shanmukha Pictures and proudly stars Arli Harshavardhan Chowdhury as entertainer.

Vachinavadu Gowtham is responsible for the music of Goura Hari. Shyam K Naidu has been appointed Director to lead the Camera Division. Prawin Pudi is the editor, the duo of Ram and Lakshman are in charge of the fights, and Aburi Ravi is the dialogue writer. The female lead will be announced soon. In the movie Vachinavadu Gowtham, Ashwin Babu underwent a physical transformation.



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