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After Aditi Rao, now Siddharth tries to impress Keerthy Suresh

Siddharth, who debuted as a hero in the movie Boys, has been entertaining Telugu and Tamil audiences for nearly two decades. In Tollywood, Siddharth rose to stardom with
Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana, but his subsequent films caused his career to crumble. Siddhartha left Telugu to make films in Tamil under his own banner, where he continued his success. Siddharth, who has been waiting for the right opportunity in Telugu, got the chance last year.

Despite the disappointment of RX’s Ajay Bhupathi’s director Ajay Bhupati, Siddharth has moved closer to his Telugu fans. Having been a hero for 20 years, Siddharth still looks young.

What is the secret of his appearance? However, he charms the heroines with his charm. And there are rumors that he has affairs with all the heroines who have made films with Siddhas. There were once many heroines on Siddharth’s list of girlfriends.

Siddharth is currently dating Aditi Rao Hidari. The two are currently living in the same house. Siddharth recently praised Kiersey Suresh during a promotional campaign for Thakkar. He said he fell in love with the role of Venera after watching the movie Dasara recently.

Siddharth said he would like to work with Kiethi Suresh if given the opportunity. However, Kiethi Suresh fans suspect that if Kiethi Suresh works with Siddharth, she will fall in love with him too.



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