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Actor Naresh: My life is in danger, Give permission for licensed revolver

Actor Naresh contacted the police and applied for a gun permit. He said he wanted a weapon for self-defense.

Recently, Naresh, a well-publicized film actor, met with SP to ask for permission for a license. Hay asked Madhav Reddy, District SP, for permission to use a licensed revolver for protection as her life was in danger.

Naresh met SP in Puttaparthi yesterday and said he carried a licensed revolver when he faced death threats from Maoists in 2008. He has requested that he continue to carry a licensed revolver while in Hindupuram, but has been denied permission in the past. Naresh said SP responded positively to his request.

The actor applied for a gun license for self-defense. Meanwhile, Naresh is known to have had an argument with his third wife, Ramya Ragpati, over a divorce. He filed for divorce in court. In this order, the two blame each other. Ramya says that Naresh is a womanizer and watches blue movies. Mr. Naresh also countered. Mr. Naresh was upset that he was crazy about money and had an illicit relationship. Naresh, who made a film based on the lives of Naresh, Ramya Raghupathi and Pavithra Lokesh, portrayed the character of Ramya Raghupathi in a bad way.



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