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Krithi Shetty molested by star hero son?

Tollywood’s beautiful actress Critie Shetty made a sensational claim. She revealed that her star hero’s son was worried about her. Is Kriti Shetty still being bullied?

Critie Shetty, who was a sensation with her first film, has had three successful films. But even after she scored a hat-trick for the Kannada Queen, she fell through the cracks. She had hits like Upena, Bangaraju and Shyam Singh Roy, but soon after, she starred in Warrior with Ram Poshineni and Macherula Niyojakavalgam with Herring. , and botched films such as Ah Anmai Grinch Meek Cheparali. Recently, she had no luck in Tollywood again, even though her guardian, Kriti Shetty, directed a movie starring Naga Chaitanya.

She is currently working on a film with Sherwanand. Speaking to the Kollywood media recently on the show, Critie Shetty made a controversial comment that she was sexually abused by her star hero’s son. Social media reports say she is being tortured by the son of an old hero. She is harassed every time she attends an event.

Star Hero’s son sexually abuses Kriti Shetty. He is tired of calling her there wherever he goes. He tries hard to be friends with Kriti Shetty, but the actress doesn’t like it. She politely declined, and the news spread quickly in the film industry.



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