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Starc can make things difficult for Rohit, Gill in WTC: Butt

It will be captivating to see which team bags the ICC championship as the two sides prepare for the high-stakes showdown.

India and Australia will face off in the 2023 World Test Championship (WTC) final at the Oval in London from 7 June. Having reached the final for the second year in a row and having lost to New Zealand in the last tournament, India are looking forward to taking home the Rohit Sharma-led trophy in 2023. India are gearing up for a tournament final against Australia and will look to keep their form and compete at the highest possible level when they face Pat Cummins’ side.

Former Pakistan captain Salman Bhatt, meanwhile, said Australian left-handed fast bowler Mitchell Stark could pose a threat to Indian opening pitchers Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill in the World Test Championship (WTC) final. I think there is a gender. He noted that Rohit’s fast bowlers often have problems with their left arms. But he also said the Australian bowlers would struggle if the two Indian openers were able to save new balls and take the set.

“If Mitchell Stark does well, he will definitely give Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill a tough fight. He has a very good inside swing and is very fast. They proved weak against them, but if the two win, they can put pressure on the Australian bowlers. Both India teams are strong in attack. Also, the situation seen at The Oval is not a typical British situation. The ball doesn’t swing as often in the first few hours as Rose and Leeds do. The oval gives it speed and bounce, making it easier to hit,” Batt said on his YouTube channel of his own.

India has stronger batsmen than both teams: the bat

The former Pakistani cricketer also believes India has a better batting team than Australia. He further argued that the elliptical conditions would help hitters, as they would be free to hit shots with pace and bounce. “Both teams in India have a strong attacking side, and the situation we are seeing at The Oval is not a typical English situation. No. “The oval gives you speed and bounce and makes it easier to hit,” Butt added.

It’s also worth noting that the upcoming WTC final against India will be Australia’s first final of the tournament. However, India will be in the final for the second time after losing to New Zealand in the 2019-21 season finals. With both teams gearing up for a high-stakes showdown, it will be exciting to see which team wins the game and wins the championship.



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