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MS Dhoni Cried That Night”: Harbhajan Singh Shares unheard story

Harbhajan Singh revealed an unheard tale involving Chennai Super Kings from 2018 when MS Dhoni started to cry.
Often termed as the ‘Captain Cool’ by his fans, MS Dhoni is a man who is often seen by fans as someone who always has his emotions under check. No matter how tense the situation is on the field, it would be extremely rare to see Dhoni lose his calm. It is Dhoni’s emotionally impenetrable personality that makes him a tough player to predict on the field too. But, Dhoni’s former India and Chennai Super Kings teammate Harbhajan Singh has now revealed that there was one occasion when Dhoni even cried while being surrounded by his CSK teammates.
In a video shared by Star Sports, Harbhajan revealed that the episode took place in 2018 when CSK were making their comeback in the IPL, having been suspended for two seasons over their alleged involvement in the IPL betting scandal.
Even former CSK spinner Imran Tahir joined Harbhajan and validated the story, saying it was that moment when he came to know how close the team was to Dhoni.
“There is a story which I want to share. Back in 2018, when CSK made a comeback to this league after a 2-year ban, there was a team dinner. I have heard the saying that ‘Men don’t cry’, but MS Dhoni cried on that night. He became emotional. I think no one knows about this. Right, Imran (Tahir)?”
Yes, of course,” Tahir said. “Even I was there. It was a very emotional moment for him (MS Dhoni). Looking at him like that, I came to know how close this team is to his heart. He considers the team as his family. It was very emotional for all of us.”
The South African cricketer even said that it was a proud victory for him and the team as they were given being called ‘too old’ by the experts.
“We came back after 2 years and won the trophy. And when people give your team the tag of ‘buddhe’ (old men), and even I was in the squad that season, but we won the title. I am very proud of that victory,” Tahir further said.



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