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TNPL 2023: Chopra reacts to Ashwin’s epic review

Aakash Chopra gave his unique take on Ravichandran Ashwin reviewing third umpire’s decision.

Ravichandran Ashwin is currently leading Dindigul Dragons in the ongoing Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL). Last year, the Dragons finished sixth after winning just two of seven games, missing out on a playoff spot. Ashwin’s team got off to a head start in 2023 in his TNPL, after struggling slightly in the season opener to Ba11sy Trichy.

On the fifth pitch of 13 overs, Ashwin called for defense on his own bowling and the referee of the field ruled Trikis R. Rajkumar out. The batter was unhappy with the call and sent it upstairs for review. A thorn was visible on Ultra Edge, but the third referee decided that the bat had hit the ground. The on-pitch call was canceled as Rajkumar was given a ‘not out’.

As a result, Mr. Ravichandran Ashwin was unsatisfied with the appeal and immediately requested a reconsideration. Interestingly, commenters believe it helped TNPL gain global attention.

“The little incident of Ashwin Anna put the TNPL on the map of the world. “He bowled very well and took one wicket, but there were calls for another, but the referee conceded,” Chopra said on his YouTube channel.

“Ashwin and everyone were happy, but the batter asked for a review. “Well done, he coached the umpire well and said it’s not over yet,” he continued.

There was a repeat spike before the ball reached near the racket. There was also a spike after the ball passed the racket.

In retrospect, TNPL officials will say this option was not available: Aakash Chopra
Aakash Chopra was amused to see the referee on the field allowing Ravichandran Ashwin to call. I admitted that I wanted to.

“Ashwin said he wanted to watch it again. He checked the reviews and it happened. It’s beyond my understanding. If TNPL officials look back, they will say that option was not available,” explained the former India opener.

“It’s not possible.” There are several reasons for this: the rating he must send within 15 seconds. A hearing was held and the third umpire gave his opinion with the utmost care. “Now check out the third umpire mindset and ask him to referee,” Chopra concluded.

Meanwhile, Dindigul Dragons eventually won the match by six wickets, reaching their 121-run target in 14.5 overs. They will face Siekhem Madurai Panthers on Sunday.



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