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Rain-curtailed Day 4 sets up epic finale for Ashes

On the fourth day of Ashe’s final test, rain ruined the match at The Oval, leaving less than 40 overs possible.

The referee called Stamps early on the fourth day due to heavy rain in London. Australia were 249 runs short of a 3–1 win over Ashes, with England needing 10 wickets to level their winning streak.

After beating England in the first two overs of the day, Australia’s openers Usman Khawaja and David Warner laid a solid foundation for a comeback with a 135 unbeaten run until rain stopped play.

Play was on the brink in his second day from the end, but Oval was in a celebratory mood as he honored Stuart Broad announcing his retirement at the end of his third day.

Broad received the honor guard from Australia in his final at-bat. The 37-year-old, who has shown his racquet fascination throughout his 17-year career, impressed the crowd when he square-legged Mitchell Stark for the Big 6.

These were the only goals England added to their all-night scoring streak as Todd Murphy pinned James Anderson off the stumps in the next over while Australia were given the big target of 384. rice field.

Warner was there as the pitch was still favorable for hitters and Kawaja made the most of the conditions and kept the scoreboard moving early on. The introduction of Moen Ali posed a bit of a challenge for Australia’s season opener team, but he managed to enter the lunch break unscathed and maintain the partnership.

Shortly after the break, the opening pair made his 100-run count, each with his 50-run count. The players took a drink break in the second session when the rain stopped and it kept raining all day.



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