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Ponting says England’s ‘Bazball’ approach is ‘refreshing’

The first Ashes Test will be played at Edgbaston.

Former Australia captain Ricky Ponting believes Buzzball’s inclusion in the England game was clearly intended for the upcoming Ashes series. The 48-year-old was delighted with the start of five straight games at Edgbaston and described England’s new approach to Test cricket under Ben Stokes and Brendon McCallum as “fresh”.

The English game has undergone an astonishing transformation since the duo of Ben Stokes and Brendon McCallum took charge of the Test squad and dedicated themselves to an unconventional and hyper-aggressive variation of cricket.

Ponting believes Australia’s offense must be prepared for a buzzball-like approach, although he has lost three while winning five titles.

“I think it is because of this series that they have played like this in the last few years. . To be honest, it was refreshing to see them win at any cost.

“I’m not saying they don’t care, but they don’t care about winning the match. I don’t think it’s impossible. , I think they will definitely try.” They made it very clear. Australian attacks must prepare for this. What if I was a fast bowler in Australia, or what if I was telling an Australian, ‘We’re fast bowlers and we’re talking to English batsmen how to bowl’? Ponting told the ICC that he has some ideas.

Let’s see how England defeated the Australian batsman: Ponting

Ponting is the British sailor as Australia gain advantage over India in the ongoing World Test Championship final. suggested that they wanted a lively lane. Ponting believes Stokes’ demand for a flat, fast pitch suitable for batsmen could backfire for the bowlers, as the Australians look poised to concede at Willow.

“I am very curious under what conditions England want to play this style of cricket. Stuart Broad, Jimmy Anderson and Ollie Robinson want a pitch that offers them something. If they don’t have the wickets for the bowling attack, let’s see how they deal with the Australian batsmen,” he added.



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