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Ponting and Hussain propose solutions to slow-over rates after

In the ICC review, legends Ricky Ponting and Nasser Hussein talk about the low-speed overspeed issues that plagued the Ashes series.

England and Australia were heavily sanctioned for maintaining late overbids during the Ashes, with both teams conceding important points in the World Test Championship.

England lost 19 WTC points in four Tests due to sanctions and Australia lost 10 points in one match. England were slow in all but the third Test at Headingley, while Australia received a low-speed overspeed penalty in the Fourth Test at Old Trafford.

In an ICC review, ICC Hall of Famer Ricky Ponting expressed his concern when asked how to fix slow overquotes in Test cricket.

“I can’t watch the game all the time. That’s the only thing I don’t understand,” Ponting said. “So now I’m playing half an hour more every day and I’m still losing six or seven overs every day. I don’t know, I just don’t understand.

Ponting said the umpire wanted more to speed up the game.

“Players have to take responsibility. I think referees can also be more proactive in that regard,” he said. “The umpire should better organize the players, prepare the players, organize them, make sure the batsmen are ready to go upstairs, and make sure the bowlers are on target when the batsmen come back. I think we need to.” We have to find a way not to lose too much time in these matches.

Ricky Ponting’s take on escalating fines

“I know cricket was a lot of fun. The crowd won’t complain about what they saw in cricket, but expect 90 overs.” If you see 80 overs on the day you go to the game, you should be a little disappointed.

“So the World Test Championship Finals had lost an entire game session by the evening session of the third day. Two hours of gameplay lost over three days, but that I don’t know where it’s going and I don’t know what the appropriate penalty is

“I’m sure the defense of these two teams will be as interesting as the game.” lost a lot of time. I mean, Headingley is a good example of that, right? The match ends in 4 days, even if you lose almost a day of the match.

Mr Ponting recalled that this meant Australia missed the final of the inaugural World Test Championship. Australia were fined four WTC points in a friendly against India in Melbourne, missing out on New Zealand bottom.

“Honestly, I don’t know the answer, but if a team like Australia last time just missed out on making it to the finals of the World Test Championship…”



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