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Pietersen reflects on England’s possible approach in Ashes

“The way to beat Australia is to go into combat mode and attack. When you fight fire with fire against Australia, you have a way better chance than being tactical,” Kevin Pietersen said.

The long-awaited Ashes series is just around the corner and both England and Australia are looking to stay top of the table as the series is due to start on 16 June. The first test will take place at Edgbaston in Birmingham. It may be interesting to see if England can take back the iconic vase from Australia, or if a team led by Pat Cummins can maintain a foothold on it.

With the series just around the corner, cricket experts have reached out to provide their predictions. Many legends such as Glenn McGrath, Michael Vaughan and Alastair Cook gave their opinions on who they think could win the rival series. Former England cricketer Kevin Petersen was also on the list, giving his predictions for the series. Petersen felt that the best way for England to beat Australia was to go all out.

The way to win against Australia is to switch to combat mode and attack. Fighting fire to fire against Australia offers a much better chance of being tactical, realistic and slow.We shouldn’t change the way England plays at the moment. They have to play Australia on Friday, but from the first ball they are just attacking, attacking, attacking,” he added.

How they beat Australia in 2005: Petersen

The 42-year-old said his 2005 Ashes led Australia to victory in an aggressive game against Australia that also marked the beginning of the British cricket revolution. looked back.

“This is how we beat Australia in 2005 and it changed cricket for England.” I think it’s the only way,” Petersen said.

“The player with the highest batting average in the series will win the series.” I’ve always said batters bring sponsorships and bowlers win championships, but I think I just have to do those runs,” he added.



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