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Perfect timing: England legend backs Broad’s retirement call

England star Nasser Hussain has praised Stuart Broad for retiring from the sport’s top league after the veteran pacer reached a memorable end to his career with his final international cap.

Broad dropped the bombshell when he announced his decision to retire from international cricket at the end of the series at the end of the third day of the final Ashes Test against Australia.

Broad, who took a staggering 604 wickets as a pacesetter in the longest format, went down in the modern Test as one of the greatest players in cricket.

In his final series he also finished with 22 wickets. This is Ashe’s best record for an English bowler this year.
Broad announced his retirement, he said he could have continued, but decided to stop.

Speaking to presenter Sanjana Ganesan on the latest episode of the ICC Review, Hussain praised the decision of the English pacemakers to cancel their time while they were still in great form.

“Well, that’s the point,” said Hussein.

“When people retire, I want people to ask, ‘Why don’t you try some more?’

“When people start telling you that you should retire, that’s probably going a little too far. So I think he’s timed it perfectly. Two days later, he came to Sky (Sports) and said, “Yes, it’s over.” And he spent his two days.

“But one thing about Stuart, he announced his retirement, so it’s not over yet, it’s under consideration. I know Stuart Broad wants to win. He’s always a winner.

Broad’s career with both racquets and balls came to a fairy-tale end.

On the final ball with his racket, he got the most out of Mitchell Stark, much to the delight of the small-minded British crowd at the Oval.

And on the final day, in the crucial final minutes of the Final Ashes Test, Broad put in a spectacular performance, as he has done many times in his 17-year storied international career.

The 37-year-old managed to take his last two wickets to secure a memorable game for England and contributed to his 2-2 draw in the series.

Hussain asked for comment during the thrilling finale broadcast, fondly recalling the final moments of Broad’s career.

“And going back to the first question, is it a win or is it entertainment? Broad does it perfectly,” Hussain added.

“He loves theater and entertainment. But more than that, he loves winning. And the script was incredible. You know, left-handers strike.” He was left handed everywhere.

“The last ball he faced in Test cricket was hit off the ground and hit a 6. On the last ball he threw in Test cricket he put the carry out.

“The last Ashes…he was born for ashes cricket.” And he won the final Ashes test. It was a great scene at The Oval.



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