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PCB maintains unsettled stand on travelling to India for WC

When quirked about Pakistan’s participation in the tournament, Sethi stated that it was not in the control of the board.

Tensions have risen over Pakistan’s participation in the upcoming ODI World Cup following recent comments from PCB Chairman Najam Sethi. In his final report, Sethi said Pakistan’s participation in the India-hosted World Cup would only be confirmed after government approval.

With about four months to go until the World Over 50 Championships, the BCCI has yet to announce a schedule for the ICC’s mega-event. Pakistan Cricket Commission Administrative Committee Chairman Najam Sethi has added a new twist to the story in his latest comments.

When he was questioned about Pakistan’s participation in the tournament, Sethi said it was not within the board’s control. He said the team would travel to neighboring countries only with government approval. In addition, the venue must also be approved by the Pakistani government. Sethi reported on the terms of the PCB’s response to the ICC on the draft World Cup schedule.

“We have written to the ICC that we cannot allow or deny travel to India. This decision will be made by our government, as it is for India.” Whether or not he will play in Ahmedabad will be decided later. When the time comes, it’s up to you to go or not.

And the government will tell you where you can play and where you can’t. We have told them (the ICC) that we can always tell them if they will play under these conditions or not, or where they can play,” Sethi told reporters when asked about Pakistan’s participation. Told.

We do not know which government will be in power at this time. Sethi

PCB Secretary reminded everyone of Pakistan’s participation in his 2016 T20 World Cup which will be held in India. Sethi said the men in green had only traveled to India with the approval of then-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. He further said it was “premature” to discuss the issue at this time as the decision would be taken after consultation with the Pakistani government.

“Remember what happened in 2016? India didn’t come here, but we went to India. We discussed whether we should go.” After these discussions, we spoke with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and he said we should go.

It’s too early to discuss anything. At this point, it is unclear which government will take power. But that’s another thing. If there is a stable government at the right time, we will ask it. We also told the ICC that we would come if the government gave us permission given the security situation. But if not, how can it come? ‘ added Sethi.



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