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India triumph just the start for improving Bangladesh

Victorious Bangladesh captain Nigar Sultana wants his players to build on their victory over India in the drought-beaten ODI and add more history to their growing team.

Bangladesh scored a stunning 40-run win (DLS method) over their Asian rivals at Mirpur on Sunday, recording their first victory over India in women’s ODI cricket and an unlikely series win. The three-game winning streak will come to an end next week when they will be given a chance.

India did well to hold Bangladesh to 152 overs in a 44-over game for each team, but best player award winner Marfa Akhter (4/29) scored two goals early in the power play. decided, ensuring that the more defiant Indian side would go all out. For only 113 yen.

Nigar were understandably optimistic after their victory and hope to give their players confidence in their results as the series progresses.

“I’m very happy to win an ODI after a long time,” Nigal said.

“This is a big achievement for the team.It will help us play better in the future.We won against India after a long time.It also happened in Mirpur.It is definitely part of the story.” is.”

This was not only Bangladesh’s first ODI victory over India, but also their first win over an opponent in 50-over cricket since beating Pakistan by nine runs in last year’s ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup. . .

A Moment of Victory: Bangladesh celebrates her first Women’s World Cup victory
The victory comes just days after the ICC’s historic announcement that men and women will receive equal prize money at ICC events.

Nigar said it was too early to start celebrating a one-off win and urged his players to work towards more victories in the future.

“The girls were very excited, but they said we weren’t done yet,” she said. “The better you do, the more responsibility you have.” Expectations of us are increasing.

“We know that if we keep playing better cricket, we can take another step towards greater success. To commemorate As we continue to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first-ever Women’s Cricket World Cup, the greats of our time pay tribute to their pioneers and reflect on the state of the women’s game. The bad news was the unfortunate circumstances in which young debutant Shona Akhtar suffered a stomach ache and had to be taken to hospital. I hope it’s fit for battle.

“It was a sudden problem. She’s under surveillance. She’s unlucky. She’s unlucky that she didn’t get it. If she’s better, I might use her in the next match,” says Nigyal. said.



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