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Hayden lambasts Ollie Robinson for his aggressive behaviour

Ollie Robinson has been in the news after his fiasco involving Usman Khawaja in both innings of the first Ashes Test at Edgbaston.

The first, “Test in the Ashes,” usually sets the tone for the rest of the series. This time Australia went all in and were able to win the thrilling competition by two wickets. Ashe has endured some heated moments over the years, with the cricketers of both teams approaching the game with utmost passion and dignity. England had come under verbal attacks, mostly from the Australian side, but this time it was Ollie Robinson who decided to start the war of words.

In the first inning, Robinson hit Australia’s leadoff hitter Usman Khawaja, who had a 141 batting average. After securing the coveted scalp, the English pacers had a bitter farewell, infuriating some cricket fans, especially the Australian media. But Robinson defended his own actions, saying that moments like this happen because of the ashes. He also noted that Ricky Ponting and other Australians have used verbal volleys many times in the past. And on day five, Robinson and Kawaja got into a heated argument during a drink break.

This was not well received by many. Matthew Hayden criticized Robinson’s comments, calling him a “forgettable cricketer”.

“That’s how you play against England. That’s when Pat Cummins started attacking Joe Root and he started hitting the six a few times,” Hayden said in a meeting with former Australian wicketkeeper Ian Healy. said during the conversation. “And then another guy. He’s a cricketer you won’t forget. A fast bowler who throws naked nuts at 127 mph and has a southern muzzle.” Hayden replied, ‘If you’re like him, you can say ‘Brother, I’m coming for you’.’ “

If you speak to an Australian cricketer in the ‘Ashes’ series, prove it with your skills: Ricky Ponting
Former Australia captain Ricky Ponting says 29-year-old Ollie Robinson is in the match Feeling unusual to mention his name in , they are discussing their departure from the crackdown on Kawaja. Ponting warned that players who want to quarrel with Australian cricketers during the Ashes will also need the skills to back their words with actions.

“When he sits and thinks of me, if he’s worried about what I did 15 years ago, no wonder he bowled like he did in that game.” When you talk to Australian cricketers in the Ashes series, you want to be able to back it up with your skills,” Ponting said on the ICC Review podcast.

Other Australian cricketers such as Alan Border and Ian Healy have also criticized Robinson’s actions.



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