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Gavaskar questions Ashwin’s exclusion from India’s WTC XI

In the weeks prior to this year’s WTC final, the issue of whether to include Ashwin in the starting XI or not sparked a lot of debate and disagreement.

Indian batsman legend Sunil Gavaskar believes that no highly successful cricketer in India has endured Ravichandran Ashwin’s bizarre treatment. Veteran off-spinner Ashwin was left out of the Indian squad after Australia’s 209-run loss to Australia in the ICC World Test Championship (WTC) final at The Oval.
In the weeks leading up to his WTC Finals this year, the question of whether Ashwin should be in the starting lineup has sparked much discussion and disagreement. Both India and Australia’s veteran cricketers seemed to ignore his departure from the first team, claiming India’s inability to play well with the ball.

Former cricketer Gavaskar also highlighted the number of left-handers Australia has used in their WTC Final starters and the impact Ashwin may have had on them.

Ashwin would have already played well over 100 friendly games: Gavaskar

The cricketer turned commentator was not new to the treatment Ashwin received in such situations, and was a bowler. very confusing given his height as.“Among modern Indian elite cricketers, no one has been treated more astonishingly than Ashwin. Was he removed from the roster simply because he didn’t hit on a grass pitch, or if he didn’t hit, were he removed from the playing eleven? Dry, rolling grass? Absolutely not.
“This is not after-the-fact wisdom, but a pattern that has emerged over the years.” Without this ‘hard idea’ he would have already played more than 100 friendly matches,” wrote Gavaskar in his latest column for Midday. Top-ranked Test bowler
Ashwin held 474 wickets in 92 matches, batting 51.8 and made 32 five-wicket moves, but was eliminated from the big match anyway.



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