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Former cricketer Praveen Kumar meets with accident in Meerut

Both Praveen and his son nearly survived the car crash and are safe and sound.

Former Indian cricketer Praveen Kumar was involved in an accident in Meerut on the night of Tuesday 4 July. A speeding gallop collided with a former pacemaker near the Meerut shop bungalow. When local police arrived, they took into custody the suspected Gallop driver’s car.

Immediately after the crash, a crowd gathered at the crash site and successfully arrested the suspected driver. The Civil Line Police Department, informed, arrived on the scene. The former fast bowler was driving a Land Rover and was returning from Pandab Nagar when the incident occurred. Luckily, he and his son were unharmed and Galloprider was taken into custody when police arrived.

Surprisingly, this is not the first time Praveen has had an accident. During a return home reception in Meerut in 2007, Praveen fell from an open jeep and injured himself.



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