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BCCI provides fitness updates on five key players

BCCI has provided a medical and fitness update on five of India’s most inactive players.

BCCI has reported good news about five star players undergoing rehabilitation at Bangalore’s National Cricket Academy.

Fast bowlers Jasprit Bumla and Prashid Krishna are in the final stages of rehabilitation while Shreyas Ayer and KL Rahul are back in the net. Rishab Punt, meanwhile, has made great strides since his fall in late December, rocking and holding the net.

Bumra and Iyer missed the IPL and ICC World Test Championship finals against Australia due to back surgery. The Pace spearhead has suffered a string of recent injuries and has not played since last September’s T20I home game against Australia.

Meanwhile, Ayer suffered a herniated disc in his lower back and missed part of the home series final test against Australia in March. Iyer then underwent surgery in London in May and is in rehab at the NCA. Last week, he posted a video of himself hitting the internet.

KL Rahul started to swing the net again like Iyer. The BCCI medical team will increase the intensity of Rahul and Ayer’s training over the next few days.

Every Bumrah wicket from CWC19

Each Bumrah wicket at Bumrah will play several full intensity practice matches alongside Placido before the BCCI medical team makes a final assessment.

Pants last played for India during the Bangladesh tour in December 2022 before his accident. He is currently working on a fitness program that includes strength, flexibility and running, and his rehab has progressed faster than expected.

India have a busy schedule next month with a trip to Ireland, followed by the Asian Cup in Sri Lanka and the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup at home.



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