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All-round Coetzee propels Thailand to top of table

Jandre Coetzee’s 29 to 40 gave Thailand six wins and 140 points on Day 3 of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Asian Qualifier B, before his two new ball wickets beat Myanmar by 39 points.

Thailand 2nd Win Thailand continued his unbeaten streak in the tournament and secured his top spot in the points table ahead of Malaysia, who is also undefeated in his two games.

The Myanmar bowlers who scored were off to a great start. Payne Danu bowled Sorawat Desunnyong for a duck in the first set and caught him to send off Satarut Lungluang, giving Tu Ya Aung the first wicket and a tie for ten in the fourth set. reduced to 2.

Akshaykumar Yadav untied with a drive across the floor in front of Tu Ya Aung, but his resistance did not last long after Kin Aye’s bowling fell behind.

Despite drought at the border, Thailand were given a generous helping of extras to go 62-4 in the second half. Robert Raina entered the game at 6 and swept his first pitch by four until Coetzee ran past Pyae Pyowai for two RBIs in the 14th inning.

Tu Ya Aung returned to attack and countered with Coetzee’s huge wicket, who hacked a throw into the stumps. But Raina didn’t falter and ended the inning with a flurry of bounces, scoring 141 points for Myanmar.

It was no easy task for him to chase more than 7 points per over against a
tied bowling attack. Coetzee had an even tougher order when Koh Ko Lin Tu hit an inswinger off the left arm into a stump on the first ball of the inning. Kin Aye suffered a similar fate on the second pitch, and Myanmar stumbled 3-2. The 4,444 wickets continued to drop at regular intervals after Coetzee made a tackle. After Chalermuwong Chapaisan outplayed Tet Ling Aung, Swann scored a quick single to drop Tet Ko Ko to make it 5-5.

Myanmar captain Thu Ya Aung may have been impressed with the ball, but was bowled by Hanison Namchaikul and scored only three. Namchaikul finished the innings and took the final three wickets in 16 overs to give Thailand a convincing 101-run victory.

Coetzee won the Player of the Match award for his performance with stick and ball.

Short Result:

Thailand 20 over 140/6 (Robert Raina 42, Coetzee 40, Thu Ya Aung 2-23) def. Myanmar 16 over 39/10 (Pyaye Pyowai 8, Namchaikl 4) 7 losses, Coetzee) 2) . -0) by 101 runs



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