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Afghanistan coach and player found guilty of ICC Code of Conduct breach

Afghanistan head coach Jonathan Trott and player Azmatullah Omarzai have been fined for two separate incidents in their second T20I with Bangladesh.

Jonathan Trott and Azmatullah Omarzai both had 15 percent of their game fees deducted for tier 1 code of conduct violations in their second T20I match against Bangladesh.

The match in Sylhet was interrupted by rain as Afghanistan took the lead. A long rain break cut the match to 17 overs. During the break, Trott expressed displeasure after being told by the referee that the restart would be delayed further.

Omarzai has violated article 2.5 of the ICC Code of Conduct, which refers to “the use of words, actions and gestures that may disrespect a batsman or provoke an aggressive reaction to an ejection during an international match”. convicted of a crime.

In the chasing 15th over, Omarzai narrowly dismissed Bangladeshi batsman Tohohid Hridoyi after catching a wicket.

In addition to the fines, Trott and Omarzai were both given negative points, their first offense in 24 months. The pair accepted official umpire Niyamul Rashid and no formal hearing was required.

Bangladesh won the match comfortably, reaching their target of 117 with 6 wickets and 5 balls to go. The Tigers overcame disappointment after his 2-1 loss in the ODI series with his 2-0 win in T20I. trip.



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