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Web Series Review: The Trial: Pyaar Kaanoon Dhokha

The Trial tells the story of one woman’s personal and professional struggles. Noyonika Sengupta (Kajol) is a housewife and married to Associate Judge Rajiv Sengupta (Jish Sengupta). Both are parents to two young girls, Ananya and Anira. Everything was going well in her life until one day it was discovered that Rajiv had slept with her escort Tina. Their intimate video clips are going viral on news channels and social media. Rajiv has also been arrested on bribery charges. Sengupta’s assets will be frozen. As a result, Noyonika and her daughters move into a small rental house. She is also forced to return to her job as her attorney. Her ex-lover Vishal Chobei (Ali Khan) offers her a position as a junior attorney at his law firm Ahuja Khanna Chobei & Associates (AKC Associates). Directed by Vishal, Malini Khanna (Sheeva Chadda) and Kishore Ahuja (Kiran Kumar). Malini doesn’t appreciate Noyonica very much, and she feels that Noyonica got the job because of her closeness to Vishal rather than to her credit. . In addition to Noyonika, Dheeraj Paswan (Gaurav Pandey) will also join the firm as a junior attorney. Both are on probation for six months, and only one will be given a full-time position at AKC Associates. While Noyonika adjusts to her workplace, she also has to deal with accusations and mudslinging because of her husband’s clip. How she deals with everything and keeps her daughters from losing hope shapes the rest of the show.

The Trial: Pia Kanoon Dhoka Photo: Kajol and Spahn Verma shooting commercial for The Trial webshow – Pia, Kanoon and Dhoka Photo: JuhuDo PattiKajol KajolKajol (4)Kajol
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THE TRIAL is based on the American show The Good Wife. The first season had 23 episodes, but THE TRIAL consists of just 8 episodes. In each episode, Noyonica fights and tries to win the case. The authors (Abbas Dalal, Hussain Dalal, Siddharth Kumar) did a good job of rendering this part Indian. Most of the incidents featured on the show are not from the original series. The script by Abbas Dalal, Hussein Dalal and Siddharth Kumar is excellent. There are a lot of events and the writing style will not bore you. However, some developments are not convincing. The dialogue between Abbas Dalal, Hussein Dalal and Siddharth Kumar is simple, but a few words are worth admiring.

Spahn S Valmas direction is decent. He keeps his stories simple and engaging. Each episode is only 35-40 minutes long and goes at a comfortable pace. Furthermore, “THE TRIAL” is not just a courtroom drama. It tells the story of a family in crisis, and the title is poignant. The research is spot on, and some of the tactics lawyers use to win are well presented. A track about a newscaster being sued for defamation is the best part of the web series. It also shows Noyonica’s bond with her ex-lover and how she makes things complicated. The series ends on an interesting note, with a sequel promised.



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