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Shah Rukh Khan finally reacts to Aryan Khan’s

This is what Shah Rukh Khan has to say about son Aryan Khan’s clothing brand being super expensive

Shah Rukh Khan had a speedy visit with his fans on Twitter, where one of the fans referenced their dress image being really costly and why they made nothing reasonable so that even they could buy it. Shah Rukh Khan said that despite the fact that he didn’t get it, he will think about this, and ideally we will see less expensive garments from the Aryan Khan clothing brand. This was whenever SRK and Aryan Khan first met up, and their fans went off the deep end to see them together onscreen. Aryan Khan seemed to be his dad on screen and helped fans to remember a youthful Shah Rukh Khan
Aryan Khan’s clothing image’s coats and Shirts were a finished rat in no less than a day, and the site of D’YAVOL X crashed down. SRK and Aryan expressed gratitude toward the fans for showering all the adoration on them. The coats were sold out inside a couple of hours and were worth rupees 2 lakhs, and the Shirts cost around thirty to 40,000, for which both the dad and child team confronted gigantic savaging too. However, they have a gigantic fan following and didn’t get irritated by all the kickback



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