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Nick Jonas says life before Priyanka Chopra ‘does not exist

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have been married for a couple of years. The two don’t leave an opportunity to speak fondly about each other. The latest interview of Nick and his appearance on a radio show is proof.
Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas make for the most handsome pair in the world. They are so hot together and their PDA is just goals. Priyanka and Nick married each other in 2018. They welcomed a daughter Malti Marie Chopra Jonas in 2021 via surrogacy. Nick and Priyanka absolutely dote on each other and are couple goals. Recently, Nick Jonas shared what he DM’d Priyanka while asking her out. The American singer was also asked to pick between two of Priyanka’s films. And his answer will make all the Desi fans proud.
Nick Jonas on life before Priyanka Chopra
Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas have been touring and promoting their albums. The brothers recently regrouped and have been performing across the US. They have also been making appearances on various shows, podcasts, radio shows, etc. And on one such chat show, Nick Jonas was asked about his first message to Priyanka Chopra and if he had ever slipped into anyone’s DM before. The singer had an amazing response to the same. He says that his life before Priyanka Chopra has become a distant memory and that it does not exist anymore.
Nick Jonas on what he DM’d Priyanka Chopra
Nick did indeed reveal what he had DM’d Priyanka Chopra before they actually met. He fished out his phone and that’s when the crowd cheered on him. Such a sport, Nick Jonas is. Nick then read the message which said, “Hey I know we have a lot of things in common, friends in common, and I think we should meet.” Priyanka replied in kind asking him to switch to text as her team could read the messages as well. Nick also did respond to if he DM’d anyone before saying that there were, of course, but the only one that mattered was his DM to his now wife, Priyanka Chopra
Nick Jonas picks his favourite Priyanka Chopra movie
A video of Nick Jonas has grabbed headlines in entertainment news. The singer and actor is seen and heard playing a game where in he is given a lot of desi options. One of which includes his favourite movie of Priyanka and the options are Baywatch and Bajirao Mastani. Desi fans you’ll be proud of your Nick Jiju as he picks Bajirao Mastani. It’s truly one of the finest performances by Priyanka.



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