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Kajol reveals Nysa’s unexpected response when she told her that she hopes to see her get a daughter like herself

Kajol and Ajay Devgan’s daughter Neesaa is often spotted partying with friends. She completed her schooling in Singapore and further completed her studies in Switzerland.

Kajol is back with his new web series ‘The Trial – Pyaar, Kaanoon and Dhokha’. In this she plays a lawyer who resumes her legal career after her husband is embroiled in a scandal. show. In an interview, she revealed that her mother Tanuja, a veteran actress, wanted Kajol to have a daughter like her. She also talked about her reaction when her daughter, Kneesa Devgan, said the same thing to her when she became a mother.

Kajol also appears in The Trial as her mother. In real life, she is married to actor Ajay Devgan, and the couple have a daughter, Neesa Devgan, 20, and a son, Yug Devgan, 12. Kajol was born on August 5, 1974 to legendary actress Tanuja and late director Shom Mukherjee. Her Tanuja’s mother, Shobana Samart, was also an actress.

On being a daughter to Tanuja, and a mom to Nysa

Sharing an interesting conversation with Nysa, Kajol recently revealed her daughter’s response when she told her the same thing that she had been hearing from her own mom, Tanuja. “My mother was one of those who used to say, I really hope and pray you have a daughter like yourself. And I told my daughter the same thing, and my daughter’s answer was, ‘No, I am having sons because I don’t think I can handle a daughter like me.’ I was like well, now you know Nysa now you know.”

Kajol’s on what a good wife is expected to do

Kajol recently also talked about how cooking is regarded as one of the major qualities of a good wife. Commenting on how people who aren’t good cooks are judged wrongly, she told Brut India, “The supposed qualities of a good wife is a good mother, good wife, good cook. I don’t know why we say that but somebody who doesn’t know how to cook is kind of looked down upon in a very weird way.”

She also said that being in the public eye, her getting married and then having children turned out to be a huge debate. “I just try to live my life as I can, do things that I can face myself in the mirror for. I don’t really care what other people say about it,” she said.

Kajol will co-star with Kriti Sanon in her debut film De Patti. She has another movie in the works.



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