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Kajol clarifies remark on ‘visionless politicians’ amid backlash

In an interview during the promotion of her upcoming courtroom drama ‘The Trial,’ she said that there are political leaders who don’t have an educational background

MUMBAI: Kajol made the clarification after a recent backlash against a political leader during an interview.

In an interview during the promotion of her new courtroom drama The Trial, she said some political leaders have no education.

Kajol used her Twitter account to clarify her intentions.

She tweeted: “I was just pointing out education and its importance.” There are many leaders.”

In a previous interview she said, “Especially in countries like India, change is slow. It’s very, very slow. Because we are deeply rooted in traditions and thought processes, and of course that has to do with education.

She added: Sorry, go out and say it. “I am dominated by leaders, many of whom do not share that point of view.

She will headline her new web series titled ‘The Trial-Pyaar, Kaanoon and Dhoka’.

This is a dark courtroom drama that reveals the moral dilemmas that lead Noyonica to take responsibility for her family and independence. Noyonika is eager to prove herself in the competitive world of law while navigating complicated relationships while seeking justice for her husband. She overcomes the difficult challenges her destiny brings.

Kajol said of the show, “Complexity is what makes a character for me, and when I first got the role, the layers surrounding Noyonica appealed to me.” Noyonica is personal, I immediately felt protected and it was an encouraging first step into the feature-length format, choosing Disney+ Hotstar’s Her The Trial – Pyaar, Kanoon, Dhoka To do. Suparn Varma has created a world where the vulnerabilities of the characters encounter the cruel situations they face in life. The audience will become one with Noyonika, and when she makes her difficult decisions, she will feel her oneness with her, because I did. ”



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