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Gauahar Khan on Dipika Kakar, Shoaib Ibrahim’s baby gender, ‘It’s a…’

Dipika and Shoaib first announced their pregnancy in January this year on their Instagram handle with an adorable picture

MUMBAI: Pregnant parents Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim are ready to become parents soon and are in seventh heaven. Despite their hectic schedules, the couple is keen to share their experiences on vlogs and keep fans updated on their daily activities.

A little girl said “Gauahal Khan”!
As the journey to parenthood nears its final stages, beloved couple Sashlal Simar Ka continues to melt hearts with her sweet moments. To share her joy with the world, the mom-to-be took to her Instagram account and captivated her followers with her adorable posts.

In her photo, she gloriously flaunts her blooming baby bump and her eyes are filled with her love as she looks lovingly at her loving husband. This heartfelt post was flooded with likes and comments, but what really caught everyone’s attention and added to the joy and excitement surrounding this beautiful chapter in her life was Gauahal’s It was a comment.

She wrote:

It is worth noting that photoshopped images of Dipika Kakar and the girl have recently taken the internet by storm. Several fans have wondered if the couple has already given birth to their first child, one of which said in a recent vlog that Dipika and Shoaib are still a few days away from giving birth. I acknowledged that it was a week away. Read: “Be a Mami” and “Be a Bat”.

The couple were so keen to discuss the pregnancy that they kept it a secret for some time.

Why did you hide it?
The reason was given by Ms. Dipika’s husband, who said she did not share the news of her pregnancy for various reasons. The most notable of these was the miscarriage the couple had in 2022 when Dipika was six or seven weeks pregnant.

Professionally, Shoaib Ibrahim is currently busy playing the lead role in ‘Ajoni’ while her mother-to-be is enjoying her pregnancy.



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