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Adipurush: Ranbir Kapoor, Ram Charan buy 20,000 movie tickets, why?

This outpouring of support from the entertainment industry is expected to heighten interest in Adipurush

HYDERABAD: In a spectacular development, the generosity of Bollywood star Ranbir Kapoor pleasantly surprised Adiploush’s team. This famous actor did his best and bought his 10,000 tickets to the highly anticipated movie premiere. His philanthropic efforts are reportedly aimed at giving underprivileged orphans the chance to witness the magnificence of this cinematic masterpiece.

Following in Kapoor’s footsteps was noted Telugu producer Abhishek Agarwal, who also bought the same number of tickets for the right reasons. Agarwal’s philanthropic work benefits nursing homes and public schools, bringing joy and warmth to both seniors and students.

Rumors are circulating that the famous Ram Charan, star of the long-awaited RRR movie, is considering joining the Noble Cause. If the rumors are true, Charan is expected to buy 10,000 tickets and distribute them to underprivileged children and his loyal fans.

With this tremendous support from the entertainment industry, interest in Adipurush should increase.

The unusual act of a celebrity buying tickets for charity will arouse the interest and excitement of fans and moviegoers alike, surpassing previous film promotions.

The film’s release date is set for June 16, and Adipurush has already set a target of Rs 100 crore for the first day at the worldwide box office. If the film manages to live up to the gargantuan expectations set out in its recent second trailer, experts believe the film could cross the monumental billion mark and cement its status as a monumental success. I predict it will.

Although the previous films Saho and Radhe Shyam had a quiet reputation, this is a significant opportunity for the film’s lead, Prabhas, to make a big hit. Prabhas is ready to resonate and captivate her audience with her Adipurush performance. He’ll reclaim his place as a box office hit, and the industry is backing him.



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